Monday, December 16, 2013

New single from Eik

Eik is a production duo from Oslo, Norway, and they have just released a new single, "Beam Me Up", with remixes from Nils Noa and Knut Sævik.

The original is a fun electro-pop / vocal dance number. The Knut Sævik remix takes the track into the territory of deep disco house. The Nils Noa versions go even deeper, but are also great dancefloor material - the vocal version strips back the vocals and there is also an instrumental version of the Nils Noa remix.

Here is the music video for the original version of the song:

Here are streaming preview clips of all four versions from the release:

Click here to buy the single from Beatport

Here is a free download courtesy of Planetnoise of "Utopia" from the Eik 'Radio EP' - another electro-pop song:

Planetnoise Soundcloud page

Eik official site

Eik facebook page

Planetnoise facebook page

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