Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Techno EP from Juan Sanchez out now

Juan Sanchez is a great techno producer from Amsterdam. His latest release, the 'Pawn Wanna Be Queen' EP is out now. The three songs on the release are "Pawn Wanna Be Queen", "Pawn Wanna Be Queen (Egbert remix)" and "Zugzwang". All three tracks are great techno tracks.

This streaming preview clip has samples of all three songs on the EP:

Click here to purchase the EP from Beatport

Here is a recent DJ mix from Juan Sanchez that is free to stream and download - this was recorded for Octopus radio as a special promo mix for the Octopus label ADE party:

Visit the mix page on Soundcloud for the free download link.

One other freebie for you, this is a remix Juan did of the Wende Snijders song "Not Today You're Mine" :

Juan Sanchez Soundcloud page

Juan Sanchez facebook page

Follow Juan Sanchez on Twitter

Octopus Recordings main site

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