Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wayward new EP out now on vinyl and digital

Wayward has recently released the 'Love Jones' EP, and it is available at different shops with various parts of the release. The vinyl release available via the purchase link below has the original version of "Love Jones" and "Marvin". The digital release on Juno has the original mix of "Love Jones", the radio version of "Love Jones" and the "Marvin (VIP remix)". Available currently at iTunes is just the song "Love Jones".

I've got full-length streaming previews of all three songs, as well as a full streaming preview of a bootleg remix of "If You Love Me" by Brownstone. Brownstone was a great female r&b group in the 90s.

Wayward - Love Jones (a great downtempo / deep house vibe) :

Wayward - Marvin (another great downtempo / deep house song featuring snippets of vocals from Marvin Gaye) :

Wayward - Marvin (VIP remix) (a fresh remix of "Marvin" made for the dancefloor) :

Click here to purchase the vinyl release

Click here to purchase the digital release from Juno

Click here to buy "Love Jones" from iTunes

Click here to purchase "Love Jones" from Beatport

Wayward Soundcloud page

Here is the full-length streaming preview of "Brownstone - If You Love Me (Wayward Bootleg)" :

The download is available for free by liking his facebook page, click here for the direct link to his music page on facebook.

Wayward facebook page

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