Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year and the launch of Dancefloor Mayhem Recordings!

I am back from vacation and very excited to announce the launch of the Dancefloor Mayhem Recordings digital label. Our first release is a 2-track techno EP from seaclash. You can preview and purchase the tracks via the widget below ::

seaclash bio:

seaclash was born and raised in Italy. He developed a passion for music as a boy - his father was a musician and his brother is a famous musician in Italy.

He started playing drums when he was 10. At the age of 11 he went to New York for vacation with his father for 3 weeks, and that trip opened his mind to a fresh vision of music.

He currently plays with an experimental band named String Theory, as well as being in several other bands spanning a range of genres. His love for electronic music started when he was 12 via the 90's big beat scene in England.

He started to produce more electronic music at the age of 16. In October 2013 he moved in Berlin to be motivated by the amazing producers and clubs that feature a great variety of techno as well as other electronic genres.

His debut EP, ‘Reconsider’ is a two-track EP that will be his first release, as well as the first release on the Dancefloor Mayhem digital label.

The ‘Reconsider EP’ is just the beginning. seaclash is looking forward to 2014 as he seeks to establish himself as a name to watch in the world of techno.

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