Thursday, January 30, 2014

Introducing Dupree

Dupree is a fairly unique musical project. From the Dupree website: "The idea for the Dupree project was to make it a never ending collaboration between as many different Musicians, Singers & Producers around the world as possible, taking in as many different genres & influences along the way."

Dupree is a producer from Sydney. The great thing about this project, is not only wonderful music, but so far the songs are all free. Be sure to show Dupree some love by following him on Soundcloud and liking the facebook page (links below). The music from the project is a unique take on downtempo music and we can't stop listening to these songs.

The first song we want to share with you is his most recent collaborative effort : "Berlin - Don't Stop". Here is what Dupree had to say about this song: "This is the second original track to come from the Dupree project & really starts to show the idea behind the whole thing, collaborating musicians from all over the world into one piece of music.

This song started out on a train ride from Stuttgart to Berlin with a bunch of samples & the majority of the instrumental backing was put together while locked away from some unseasonably cold Berlin summer weather, from here some super talented musicians leant their talents on the track.

Johannes Bader (Hans Solo) recorded in Berlin, Germany playing acoustic guitar & charango
Filippo Gregoretti recorded in Rome, Italy playing piano
Sharif Darmansjah recorded in Brisbane, Australia playing saxophone
Ian Peres (Wolfmother) recorded on the Gold Coast, Australia playing keys"

Here is Berlin - Don't Stop from Dupree - free to stream and download:

The first song from the project is called "Sydney - On The Run" - also free to stream and download:

Dupree Soundcloud page

Dupree facebook page

Dupree official site

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