Friday, February 28, 2014

Free 5-track EP of future bass and downtempo

Lost Tribe Records is proud to present Hominidæ’s debut EP, 'Summon'. Summon is a five-track EP consisting of all original music.

Following his well-received mixtape for the label with a selection solely made up of his original work and remixes, Hominidæ’s Summon EP is an introduction to his intricate, emotive and colorful sound. It’s difficult to pigeonhole Summon as it crosses the genre boundaries of electronic music.

All five songs are below for streaming preview. Download for free, or name a price to support the artist at:

Enjoy the music! Be sure to show Lost Tribe Records some love by checking out their social media links below.

And here is the mixtape referenced above, free to stream and download:

Click Here to get Lost Tribe music from their bandcamp page

Lost Tribe Soundcloud page

Lost Tribe facebook page

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Debut album from Audioglider coming soon

Audioglider is set to release 'Accidental Beauty', his first full-length album, on Section Records on April 21st.

Audioglider a.k.a. Roberto Sodano’s blissed out electronica has won him fans across the downtempo community – from The Big Chill to DJs including Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo and Glenn Morrison.

Audioglider releases have appeared on labels such as Global Underground, Morrison Recordings, Renaissance, Exceptional Records and FOEM, before finding a permanent home at Section Records, who released the ‘Summer Rainstorm EP’ in May 2013.


01 End Titles
02 Fluid Motion
03 The Bells
04 Dynamic Uno
05 My Tru Blood
06 Just Sound
07 Sliders
08 Disappear
09 Polydirective
10 Sundown (Cape Town)
11 Cortexaphan

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New Deep House single from Andy Caldwell

Andy Caldwell goes back to his deep house roots with a great new track "Hold The Line" featuring Lisa Shaw on vocals.

Here is a streaming preview of the song:

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Free 3-hour dub techno mix from Kirk Degiorgio

Kirk Degiorgio is playing in London tomorrow night for Machine at Corsica.

Click here for more info and to purchase tickets

Here is the DJ mix of dub techno to stream and download:

Here is the tracklist for the mix::

DRONELOCK: Sonars (Weekend World)
AURA FLESH: Desert Storm/An Aura Of Exclusivity (Biorecordings)
OHMIKRON: Familiar Moodz (Evasion Room)
WUNDERBLOCK: Wood People (Acrobdub) (Wunderblock)
AURA FRESH: Robotics (Biorecordings)
LEONID: Galax (Dolly)
UNKNOWN: Assimilation (Unknown)
BRICKMAN: Vague (Inner Silence)
BRICKMAN: Correlation (Inner Silence)
MANUEL DI MARTINO: Eingetaucht In Eine Vaccum (Evasion Room)
HD SUBSTANCE: Under Styled (Fanzine)
DEFECTIVE UNITS: Phase Two (Broque)
REGGY VAN OERS: Sinousity (Ness Remix) (Affin)
NORM TALLEY: Analog XTC (Minimood Extra)
UNKNOWN: Spacing (Unknown)
ROBERTO BOSCO: Sonorous Waves 2 (Last Drop)
HIVER: Blue Aconite (Curle)
RECONDITE: Cleric (Dystopian)
CULTURE HUB: Elevated Status (Invisible Circles)
TRUS'ME: Hindsight (Marcelus Friction Remix) (Prime Numbers)
EMANUELE PERTOLDI: Echelon Echo (Subself)
HIVER: Eglantine (Curle)
SKUDGE: Irie (Skudge)
JULIXO: Everdub (Par)
OSCAR MULERO: Second Layer (PoleGroup)
S-TEK: Tiberium Infection (3rdWax)
JONAS KOPP: Mountak (Sleaze)
MATTIAS FRIDELL: Restrictive Influence (Gynoid)
MATTIAS FRIDELL: Life Recycling Law (Affin)
TUTTLE & CHICH: Stanislas (Modularhertz)
MATTIAS FRIDELL: Geodesic Structure (Affin)
HUBOT: Rm To Rm (Weekend Circuit)
ROD: Hux (Klockworks)
UNKNOWN: Forever Young (Unknown)
SHEKON: Puzzle (Maxime Dangles Remix) (Skryptom)

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Hot New Techno Releases from Form Music

Form Music is a tech house and techno music label founded by French producer Popof. These two new releases are numbers 39 and 40 for the label.

Release number 39 is The Sun EP from DJ Raid & DJ Fronter. Below are streaming preview clips of all five tracks from the EP - three original tracks plus remixes from Citizen Kain & Leonardo Gonnelli

Click Here to buy the Sun EP from Beatport

Release number 40 is the Gettin' Funky EP from Mass Digital. The Gettin' Funky EP has two original tracks plus remixes from Phil Weeks & Minota. Below are streaming preview clips of all four songs on the EP:

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Form Music Soundcloud page

Form Music facebook page

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dancefloor Mayhem Sessions archive from 2-23-2014

DJ Tronic hosts the Dancefloor Mayhem Sessions every Sunday night on

The show features new music every week, in the mix. The focus is on the 4/4 genres ranging from deep house to techno. He also features downtempo, future bass, breakbeats and drum-n-bass.

Setlist for the show:

Neil Smallridge - Blue Book
Tru Roots Project vs Domineeky - Soweto Groove (Tru Roots Project Dub)
Black Loops - Simplon (Sidney Charles remix)
Deniz Kurtel - Deepression
Huxley & Sam Russo - Don't Understand (Honey Dijon's Chi Town Boogie Mix)
Shoxy & Alexandar Ivkovic - Tromotonik
Trust Orchestra - Exhalation
Arcadis - In Your Eyes
Dave Meyer & Husky - Dreaming Of You
Citizen - As One
Gorgon City - Ready For Your Love
Ruben Brundell - Get
Tatiana Owens feat. DJ Ayres - Beautiful People (Them Jeans remix)
Yoshi Horino - Pushin' (Ryan Pamatmat's FreQ remix)
Dan Beaumont - Trippy Pumper
Groove Armada - Hyde & Freak
Rob Nutek - Is Anybody Out There (Stanny Abram remix)
Tripmastaz - Lemme In (Matt Tolfrey remix)
Uner - Undisclosed
Frederick Alonso - Arabasia (Crack And Crunch remix)
Luca Bear - Garage Take
Secret Self - Popstar
Origins Sound - Detroit Cuts
Paul Mac - It's Not A Game (Jorge Zamacona remix)

Thanks for listening!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

New EP from Groove Armada!

Groove Armada has a new EP out on Moda Black and it is great! The Pork Soda EP has three quality tracks. The EP is out now on vinyl, and out tomorrow in the digital shops.

The title track, "Pork Soda" is a great tech house song:

"Jack In Black" is a fun uplifting house song:

"Hyde & Freak" will work great in house sets:

Click here to buy on vinyl from Juno

Click here to purchase from iTunes

Here is a free download from Groove Armada - a vocal house tune feat. Candi Staton

Groove Armada Soundcloud page

Groove Armada facebook page

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New release from Deep Heads label out tomorrow

The Deep Heads label is releasing the Same Kind EP from Congi & Occult Feat Segilola on Monday, February 24th. The EP has the original version and four remixes. It is a solid EP of future bass / downtempo sounds. Stream preview clips of all songs from the release below:

Deep Heads recently released a 10-track compilation of free tracks. Preview and download the tracks below:

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New techno release from NX1

NX1 is a project and sub-label of Nexe Records. They have five releases out, which are available from the purchase link below and at other fine online retailers. This will be the first release on the sub-label NX1 Black. In addition to a digital version, there is also a vinyl format which is limited to 300 copies on black hand-stamped vinyl with a black paper insert.

The release is coming out in March and has early support from Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettmann, Svreca, Oscar Mulero, Cio D'Or, Luke Hess, Unbalance, Jeff Derringer, Ness, Deepbass, Tadeo, Aiken, Brendon Moeller and others.

Below are streaming previews of the two songs on the release:

The A-side is more of a chill / ambient vibe with techno undertones:

The B-side takes the sound from the A-side and and turns it into a pulsating techno track, this one will work on the dancefloor:

Click here to buy music from the Nexe Records label

Nexe Records official site

Nexe Records Soundcloud page

Nexe Records facebook page

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kuriose Naturale new EP [house / tech house]

Kuriose Naturale is a production duo from Berlin that make some great House and Tech House music. Their new EP, 'Some Might Work', has three original tracks and a remix from Kellerkind. Below are streaming preview clips of all four tracks on the EP:

Madame Psychosis is a great deep house / house track. The sounds continue to change throughout the track and blend well with the beat. With multiple layers of percussion, some minimal synth chords, and several short pieces of harmony, this track grabs your attention and keeps it.

Kuriose Naturale - Madame Psychosis (preview clip):

Up From Here is a fun house / tech house track with teased out vocals and some parts of the track make you envision a summer party on the beach or at sunrise.

Kuriose Naturale - Up From Here (preview clip):

Some Might Work has a good deep tech sound to it with hints of Detroit.

Kuriose Naturale - Some Might Work (preview clip):

The Kellerkind remix of Some Might Work takes the track deeper than we've been and also adds tinges of disco and classic house.

Kuriose Naturale - Some Might Work (Kellerkind Remix preview clip):

Click here to buy Ritter Butzke Studio music at Beatport

Click here to purchase the release on vinyl

Kuriose Naturale Soundcloud page

Ritter Butzke Studio Soundcloud page

Ritter Butzke Studio facebook page

Velcro releasing new EP on Plant Music

Velcro is the LA-based house duo of Kevin Ross and Enrique Martinez. Their collaboration was born in the summer of 2012, shortly after an introduction at a nightclub in Hollywood. This is their first official release for Plant entitled "Runaway" and features a classic house sound produced with old school equipment. Remixes are by fellow LA producers Newbody and Plant's own "Turtle Bugg" Morris.

Below are streaming previews of all five songs on the EP:

Since this was my first introduction to Velcro, I checked out all their tracks on Soundcloud, and they had a bunch of free downloads. Below are my personal favorites:

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Velcro Soundcloud page

Velcro facebook page

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Hedonism Music - new EP Miami Dubs

The new EP "Hedonism Miami Dubs" is going to be released on March 7th and includes massive unreleased dub mixes from Kolombo, Simion, Andre Crom & Chi Thanh and Oliver $.

Here is a streaming preview clip with snippets from all 5 songs:

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Goldfrapp set to release a remix EP of "Thea"

"Thea" is one of the songs from their most recently released album, 'Tales Of Us'. The Thea remix EP will be released March 25th, with remixes from Twin Shadow, Blood Diamonds, WAWA and Red Top.

Here is a streaming preview edit of the original version of "Thea":

Here is a streaming preview of the Twin Shadow remix:

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The resurrection of Suburban Base!

For the first time since it began in 1991, the pioneering rave, drum & bass & jungle label, started by Danny Donnelly, Suburban Base has digitally re-mastered its entire back catalog and is making them available to download via iTunes.

Up until now, releases from the label, which shut its doors in 1997, only existed in vinyl format, but from February 23rd its back catalog has been re-mastered & can be bought from iTunes and extended to other digital music stores from March. This includes sought after releases from artist such as Son'z Of A Loop Da Loop Era, M&M, Rachel Wallace, Krome & Time, QBass, Jonny Jungle, DJ Hype, Cutty Ranks, Marvellous Cain, Remarc, Boogie Times Tribe & Mampi Swift.

Here is a brief video teaser clip for the release:

In addition to the back catalog an album called Suburban Base Records - The History Of Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass: 1991-1997 is released on March 03rd. The compilation presents a snapshot of the original underground rave scene that ultimately crossed over into the charts and is ready to be rediscovered by the original ravers and uncovered by a new generation of fans.

Over three mixes it will take you on a chronological journey starting with Hardcore presenting rave classics Rachel Wallace - Tell Me Why (M&M Full Vocal), Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground and cheeky Smart E's - Sesame's Treat (Vocal Mix). Mix two then moves on to the Jungle era with gems from Phuture Assassins - Roots N Future (Make Dem Know Mix); QBass – Deepa and Hype tracks Dawn of the Fever, The Chopper and Dream.

The final mix treats us to some legendary Drum and Bass tracks including Run Tings - Ruff Revival, Marvellous Cain - Dub Plate Style, Cutty Ranks – Limb By Limb (DJ SS Remix), D'Cruze – Lonely and Mampi Swift - On The Beat.

The album is available as both as a DJ mixed CD release and also digitally. It will use the original graffiti artwork from Suburban Base’s in-house designer Dave Nodz.

Click Here to preview all the songs from the digital version of the 3xCD release - available for purchase on March 3rd.

I've got some of the classic songs from the label available to preview below.

Phuture Assasins - Future Sound (Sound Business Original mix):

D'Cruze - Want You Now:

Krome & Time - The Slammer:

Here is the pack shot of what the 3xCD release will look like:

Suburban Base facebook page

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Palette Recordings to Release the Bolivia EP By Daniel Troberg

The Bolivia EP from Daniel Troberg is coming out this coming Tuesday, February 25th, as a digital only release on Palette Recordings.

from the press release:

Daniel Troberg was born on the Aaland Islands in Finland in 1977, and started dabbling in computers 30 years ago and was automatically pulled into the electronic music culture that was happening in Europe around the end of the '80s and beginning of the '90s. Growing up on equal doses of Chicago house, German prototype techno, Finnish minimalism, and an upbringing on desolate islands that fueled his creative drive and mindset a bit off the beaten path. DJ, producer, radio show host, promoter and technically savvy, Daniel's vision has today manifested in a leading role at Elektron Music Machines, creators of fine electronic musical instruments.

The title track "Bolivia" was conceived after traveling around in the marvelous country and taking in its extremes, something that reflects in the boldness and longevity of the music and sounds. It has been floating around within the innards of the internet, surfacing only briefly up until now, as it's getting a proper release on Palette.

"m3ltfac3" was made one gloomy Scandinavian winter as an experiment to get the Elektron Monomachine synthesizer to talk in a more human way than ever before. Although the lyrics are buried deep in the track, it warns of machines influencing the daily life of humans. A known theme by now, but nonetheless, always in question.

"The biggest thing I have ever seen" was originally formed for a short film by Swedish video maker Sarah Schmidt in 2008, but has now taken a form of its own, creating a visual representation of itself in the rhythms, textures and sounds of the music. The title of the track really says it all.

Rounding out the EP, is a special John Tejada remix of the title track.

Below are preview clips of each of the four songs on the EP. Bolivia and the John Tejada remix are both great techno tracks. The other two songs are as described above, and definitely in the realm of idm:

Don't forget! The EP is being released this Tuesday, February 25th!

Palette Recordings official site

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Daniel Troberg official site

Daniel Troberg Soundcloud page

Follow Daniel Troberg on Twitter

Elektron official site

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Maya Jane Coles to release 'Comfort' Deluxe

from the press release:

Maya Jane Coles, the multi-award winning 26 year old British-Japanese producer/DJ, starts another new chapter in her remarkable career as she releases the deluxe version of her debut album “Comfort” on March 24, 2014 on her own I/AM/ME label.

“Comfort” was originally released in July 2013 on I/AM/ME after Maya turned down the major label check books to retain total creative freedom. This acclaimed record was entirely produced, engineered and mixed by Maya who also wrote or co-wrote every track. Alongside Maya's own vocals the album features guest vocal performances from the likes of the legendary Tricky and electronic goddess Miss Kittin through to newer talents such as Nadine Shah and Alpines.

The album also includes the vocal talents of Thomas Knights on “When I'm in Love” who also directed the somewhat controversial videos to the album’s singles “Burning Bright” ft Kim Ann Foxman and “Everything” ft Karin Park. The latter video featuring taxidermy by artist Harriet Horton.

This new deluxe version of “Comfort” is available on both vinyl and digital formats and includes five additional tracks. Alongside formerly released fan favorite tracks “Over” and “Protect Them” the album also includes previously unreleased material in “Lost In The City”, “Stand Still” and “Keeper”. All five tracks are produced, engineered, mixed and played by Maya including vocals where present.

To coincide with the deluxe album release a brand new video for the album's title track “Comfort” will be debuted shortly. The “Comfort” video is directed by Jonas Lorde who assisted Director Thomas Knights on both previous videos. It explores metamorphosis through various forms of being. We'd say more but we think it's best if you just see it for yourself.

Here is a preview clip of "Stand Still":

Here are a couple of free songs from Maya Jane Coles:

"Dreamer" by Maya Jane Coles was on the original release of "Comfort" and was given away after she reached 1 million followers on Soundcloud.

"Everything" featuring Karin Park was the second single from the initial release of "Comfort". Maya Jane Coles gave away the Blond:ish Remix of the track to promote the release of the single. This download is a wav file and can be downloaded from the soundcloud page.

Click here to pre-order on Amazon

Maya Jane Coles Soundcloud page

Maya Jane Coles facebook page

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Techno Party in London with DVS1 - February 28th at Corsica Studios

Machine returns to Corsica Studios on February 28th 2014 with a 3hr set from DVS1, UK Debuts for Tripeo (live) and Sandrien as well as sets from Darko Esser and Machine co-founder, Kirk Degiorgio.

Currently enjoying attention for his new Mistress Recordings imprint, Zak Khutoretsky aka DVS1 is a formiddable selector when it comes to techno or house and having steadily cultivated a reputation for long and intense sets a 3hr session from him is always welcome.

Holland’s Darko Esser joins the Machine bill under his own name as a DJ and under his Tripeo guise – an alias which has done little to harm an already excellent career having dropped a series of excellently received 12”s as well as a remix for Ben Sims’ Theory imprint. The Tripeo live set will be the first of two UK debuts for this Machine party.

Sandrien, another dutch DJ/Producer currently appearing on Theory, is one of Hollands best kept secrets. Although debuting in the UK her name is common place throughout Europe’s finest techno clubs in no small part to her standout Imprint parties at Amsterdam’s Trouw.

Completing the line up is Kirk Degiorgio, a man whose contribution to music of many a genre in the past 20 years is without question. Whether as producer, pioneering DJ, label owner, engineer or RMBA radio show host, Kirk deeply delivers.

Set up by Ben Sims and Degiorgio in 2011, Machine has one clear objective; to champion new and upcoming techno music. Since then the night has leaked into Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam and Dublin, involving the likes of Surgeon, Adam X and Rob Hood along the way.

Line Up:

DVS1 (3hr Set)
Tripeo (Live - UK Debut)
Sandrien (UK Debut)
Darko Esser
Kirk Degiorgio
Ron Bacardi

Event page on facebook

Click here to buy tickets via RA

Machine London official site

Here is a live techno set from DVS1 recorded in Japan last August:

DVS1 Soundcloud page

DVS1 facebook page

Monday, February 17, 2014

Dancefloor Mayhem Sessions archive from 2-16-2014

DJ Tronic hosts the Dancefloor Mayhem Sessions every Sunday night on

The show features new music every week, in the mix. The focus is on the 4/4 genres ranging from deep house to techno. He also features downtempo, future bass, breakbeats and drum-n-bass.

Setlist for the show:

Frenchfire - WHOWILLLUVU (Vidis Remix)
Leftwing & Kody - It Was Our
Mass Digital - Should I
Phil Weeks - Live At Palladium
Solaris Heights - Together
Nils Noa - The Jaguar
Walker & Royce - I Surrender (DeMarzo Remix)
The Other Tribe - My Girl (Dub)
Storm Queen - Look Right Through (GotSome Animal Style VIP Mix)
Cliff Jack - Used To Do
Lau Frank feat. Nuss - Shadow Hunter
Marc Throw - Patio de los Leones
Rackel - Jack
Trockensoft - Ursa Major (Gorbani Remix)
Agents of Time - Lost Dreams (Orbis Terrarum Remix)
German Brigante - Manitox
Sergio Sanchez - Far Away
Aki Bergen & Seismal D - Daemon In Me ft. Majenta (Dub Mix)
Dance Spirit - Take In The Night (Dub)
Eagles & Butterflies - Black Gold
Rhythm Operator - In Your Eyes
Vosper - Kabuki Playboy (Monoblok & PSLKTR Remix)

Thanks for listening!

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New vocal house track from essess

This hot new track from essess is going to be released on Ministry of Sound’s new HK Records imprint. Here is a streaming preview of essess feat. Brendan Reilly - Just Friends:

Here is a free track from essess which I have been playing in my house sets, "Give You Love":

essess Soundcloud page

essess facebook page

Deep Dish are back!

Deep Dish are back together producing music and DJ-ing. Their first release since 2006 will be the single "Quincy". The song just debuted as Pete Tong's Essential New Tune. Hear it streaming from the show:

The single will be released at the end of March, and just before the release is their first DJ gig back together - headlining at Miami's Ice Palace Studios on March 29th for the Winter Music Conference.

Click here to buy tickets for the show

Click here to buy Deep Dish music from Beatport

Deep Dish official site

Deep Dish facebook page

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New single coming from Booka Shade

Booka Shade's new single, "Crossing Borders (feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner)" is coming out March 23rd. On the initial release it will just be the album version and a couple of remixes by Booka Shade themselves. After that will be remixes from Pleasurekraft, Kolombo, Chopstick & Johnjon, Mathias Kaden and Chi Thanh.

Here is a full streaming preview of Booka Shade ft Fritz Kalkbrenner - Crossing Borders (Booka's Other remix):

Here is a streaming preview clip of Crossing Borders feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner (Pleasurekraft Remix):

Click here to pre-order the single on iTunes

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Booka Shade Soundcloud page

Booka Shade facebook page

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New single coming from Kidnap Kid next month

Kidnap Kid is releasing a new single next month called "Stronger" which is accompanied on the release by "Like You Used To". Here is a full streaming preview of "Stronger":

Click here to pre-order the single from iTunes

Click here to buy Kidnap Kid music from Beatport

Here is a free download of Kidnap Kid's remix of the Disclosure classic "Tenderly":

Here is Kidnap Kid's DJ mix for Fabric Live from last year:

Kidnap Kid Soundcloud page

Kidnap Kid facebook page

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

New single Clockworks from franskild

franskild is a collaboration of the unlikely pairing of master chef Love Ojensa and the spaced-out architect Tim Söderström. The duo is influenced by the blissful sounds and magnificence of the early eighties house music, 90's french touch, mid-00's jackin house and contemporary garage. Their new single, "Clockworks", is coming out this week on Sweat It Out! Records. The duo makes a unique version of vocal deep house / house music.

Here is a straeming preview of the song:

Here is a free download of their song "Shards":

franskild is playing next on February 27th in London at Sebright Arms.

Click here for event info and to get tickets.

Click here to buy franskild music from Beatport

franskild Soundcloud page

franskild facebook page

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franskild official site

Bavaria LP "We'll Take A Dive" out now

from the press release:

Bavaria are John Tejada and Kimi Recor. The name "Bavaria" comes from both artists sharing a commonality of similar childhoods that tie them to the Bavarian region in Germany. John Tejada, son of an Austrian father and American mother, came to the United States from Vienna, Austria at age eight. While Kimi Recor, daughter of a German mother and an American father, moved to the United States at age twelve from Bad Aibling, Bavaria. The two flourished in the musical arts, developing extensive backgrounds in musicianship, songwriting, and live performance.

John Tejada is an electronic musician, producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist with an acclaimed resume of releases to his credit. Having founded his own Los Angeles based record label Palette Recordings, he has produced a multitude of catalogue hits since the label's early beginnings in 1996. His most recent accomplishments include the single "Somewhere" (2013, Kompakt), a full-length album entitled "The Predicting Machine" (2012, Kompakt), and a series of collaborative EPs.

Kimi Recor is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has recorded and toured with numerous bands over the years. Draemings, her current solo project, illustrates her immense talent, both sonically and vocally, for astonishing listeners by defying expectations. Her voice is of a singularizing purity that remains untainted by most associated trends heard in contemporary vocalism, and it has an emotional drive that resonates with honesty.

Tejada and Recor have a musical partnership that spans over a decade. Their first project was on John's album "Logic Memory Center" (2004, Plug Research) where Recor provided vocals on the track "Strange Creatures." Recor also appeared on "Stabilizer" from Tejada's "The Predicting Machine." Over the years, they have recorded numerous pieces together between their own primary projects and finally realized that it was time for them to commit their efforts to a serious collaboration for a full-length release.

Bavaria's sound is a highly crafted experience that pushes minimalism beyond its limits by blending Tejada's use of his modular synth and Recor's vocals. Although both could have easily layered their recordings with multiple instruments, they decided to omit live drums and guitars altogether and allow the uncertainty of modular synth patches to evolve and guide Recor's voice. The result is a colorful journey that captivates listeners upon first exposure and sets itself above an otherwise grey musical landscape so commonly traveled by today's releases.

Here is the tracklist for the album:

01. We Break Through
02. Everywhere
03. Morning Blue
04. Silent Memory
05. Delicate Destroyer
06. When We Were Young
07. Persephone
08. Flashmob of One
09. Made of Light
10. Never

Here is a free download of "We Break Through" - a great downtempo song:

Bavaria - We Break Through [click to download]

Here is the music video for "Everywhere":

Click here to stream and purchase the album in CD, LP, mp3, or FLAC formats

Bavaria facebook page

New EP from M. Vaughan out now

M. Vaughan is an up-and-coming producer hailing from Washington D.C. He has just released a 5-track EP called "Nafe" which is available from Bandcamp exclusively.

Here are streaming preview clips of some of the songs on the release:

"Norma Jean" is a fun disco house track:

"Red Wine" is a great deep house track:

Stream and purchase all the songs on the EP via the widget below:

Here is a free download from M. Vaughan - a song called "Thinking Real Talk" which samples Lesley Flanigan's "Thinking Real Hard":

First vinyl release from Vancouver techno label Subspec out now

Subspec is a Techno label based in Vancouver, BC. Subspec’s initial releases came out in April 2012 and they have been going strong ever since. This vinyl release features production and remix work from Hardfloor, Jay Zoney, Sympix and Countered. The release has been supported by such DJs as Laurent Garnier, John Tejada, Drumcell, Audio Injection, Fabrice Lig, Claude Young, Alexi Delano, Bryan Zentz and more!

Click Here for streaming previews of the songs on the release and for more info about it.

Click here to buy the vinyl only release from Juno

In addition to being a successful techno label, Subspec also does event promotion and have brought a number of great artists to Vancouver including Slam, Woody McBride, John Massey and Gary Beck.

Click Here to purchase Subspec music from Beatport

Subspec official site

Subspec Soundcloud page

Subspec facebook page

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New EP from Lena Cullen out now on Food Music

Food Music is the label run by Shadow Child and Kry Wolf - two producers I really like that make that great bass heavy house sound. On this Four track EP, they each provide a remix in addition to the original version and a remix from Catchment.

The original version is a great vocal deep house / house track with a bit of a garage influence. Here is an edit of the original version for preview:

Here is a streaming preview clip of the Shadow Child remix, which takes the track even deeper:

The Kry Wolf remix is a more uptempo house number which will work great on the dancefloor, here is a full streaming preview:

Click Here to purchase the EP from Beatport

You now we love giving away free music, here is a free track the label gave out last year - a nice bass heavy house number from Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo:

Food Music Soundcloud page

Food Music facebook page

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New Deep House single out now from Sinan Mercenk

Sinan Mercenk is the co-owner of ideedeluxe records. On this release he features vocals from Neslihan Işık who he met in Istanbul. They had a spontaneous recording session shortly after they met, then Sinan Mercenk returned to Berlin to finalize and master the song.

"Brightest Star" is a fun vocal deep house song. Here is a full streaming preview below. The single also contains an even deeper version, as well as a downtempo / chillout mix.

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Free compilation from Four 40 Records

Four 40 is a UK label that focuses on house / bass / garage. The label was founded in 2010 by James Crone and Thomas Giles. In just a few short years, the label has put out a slew of quality releases including production and remix work from artists including Hostage, Jamie George, Enigma Dubz, Chris Lorenzo, I Killed Kenny, Bondax, and Pete Graham.

To celebrate the success of the label, they have released the first free compilation consisting of 6 free tracks! All you have to do to grab the compilation is to like their facebook page. Click Here for the direct link to like the page and download the compilation.

Here are streaming preview clips of my favorite songs on the free release:

"The Morning" by Hybrid Theory is a great bass-heavy garage track with a vocal snippet from a Crystal Waters' classic:

"Badman Sound" by Nu Era is a great bass heavy house track with some garage elements:

"221" by Matta is a great bass heavy house track:

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Free House Track from Kasperg

Kasper Granroth aka kasperg is a fresh new house producer from Finland. "My Heart" is the first track he is releasing to the public, and it's a great vocal house tune. Exclusive mp3 download here on Dancefloor Mayhem.

Stream and download the song:

Kasperg - My heart [click to download]

Show kasper some love by following his social media sites - he'll be releasing his first EP later this year.

kasperg Soundcloud page

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Dancefloor Mayhem Sessions archive from 2-9-2014

DJ Tronic hosts the Dancefloor Mayhem Sessions every Sunday night on

The show features new music every week, in the mix. The focus is on the 4/4 genres ranging from deep house to techno. He also features downtempo, future bass, breakbeats and drum-n-bass.

Setlist for the show:

Hanami - Fruition
Formtek - Late
Gumb0 - Musky Corner
Hanami - A Pale Shade
Submerse - Spending Time
Daega - Land In Motion
Rituel - Club Zanzibar (Koett remix)
Brian Burnside feat. Milo - Sola (Ocean Deep Dub)
Frantzvaag - What You Need
Karol XVII & MB Valence - Ain't Nobody
Oscar P and Swift - The Drum (Juan Sanchez remix)
Solid District - L.U.V
Whitney Houston - So Emotional (Massimo remake)
Bobby Love - All Night Long
Inner Rebels - More Time
Tensnake feat. Fiona - No Relief
Marshall F - Money Waster (Extended Mix)
Redscape - Funky Feeling
Dee Dave - Tic Tac
Ramon Tapia - Sub Shaper
Seqwenzer - Bestandig
Michael Walken - Deviant System
Shin Nishimura - London
JAK - Crashback (Rewired Club Mix)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

New compilation out today from ÆRT Prog

ÆRT Prog is back with a 5-track EP with production by Foss, Rayan Ja Faer and Noun. A great collection of house and tech house sounds.

Here are streaming preview clips of all 5 songs on the release:

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Tech House EP from KAMA out now

KAMA's new release, the 'Montrachet EP' is out now On Basswalk Records. It features two original tracks and two remixes.

KAMA - Montrachet (Original Mix):

KAMA - Montrachet (Erick Hernandez Remix):

KAMA - Montrachet (Rhadow Remix):

KAMA - Name It (Original Mix):

Click Here to buy the EP at Beatport

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Free Deep House downloads from Paul Hardy & McKai

Baker Street head honcho Paul Hardy and his production partner McKai have just put out a new free track, "Go Deep", in anticipation of their second EP on Baker Street. Below you will find that song, along with a few other free downloads from the duo. They make great deep house / house tunes that won't disappoint.

Paul Hardy & McKai - Go Deep:

Morcheeba - World Looking In (Paul Hardy & McKai Remake):

Paul Hardy & McKai - Satellite:

Paul Hardy & McKai - Give Me Tonight:

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New music from Syron

Syron is a singer from London who is currently working on her debut album. I first heard of her on the Rudimental release "Spoons" where she supplied vocals along with MNEK. In addition to that song, she has also put out her own songs "Colour Me In" and now "Three Dreams". Below are streaming audio clips of a couple of remixes of "Spoons" and "Colour Me In" along with the new video for "Three Dreams".

Rudimental - "Spoons" ft. MNEK & Syron [Baunz Remix]:

Rudimental - "Spoons" ft. MNEK & Syron [Woz Remix]:

Syron - Colour Me In (Ten Ven Remix):

Syron - Colour Me In (The Dealer Remix):

Official music video for: Syron feat Horror Stories - Three Dreams:

Syron YouTube page

Syron Soundcloud page

Syron facebook page

Syron tumblr page

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Free EP from Kid Vibe

A fresh 2-track EP from Kid Vibe is out now as a free download courtesy of Palmier Records. "Tried Again" is a great deep house / house re-work of the classic song from Aaliyah and Timbaland. "Sensitive" is a great deep house track.

I've got streaming previews of both songs, and you can download the EP here

Kid Vibe Soundcloud page

Kid Vibe facebook page

Palmier Records official site

New Deep House EP from Frenchfire

Frenchfire is a producer from Manchester. His new EP 'Whowillluvu' is a great deep house set which contains the original version and a remix from the Silence Family Music boss, Vidis.

Bleow are streaming preview clips for both tracks:

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport

New EP coming from 000 - Borders Of Limbo

from the press release:

Sardinian production wizard 000 is back with a well-seasoned plate of four tech-house tracks (plus two more as a digital bonus) in the form of the Borders of Limbo EP. 000 joined the AMAM roster last summer with the finely tuned Camel’s Pace EP (amamextra018), which made quite a splash in the international club scene.

Ibiza Voice praised its “unexpected depth”, while Local Suicide reviewed it as “another brilliant release … minimal yet groovy”, and it earned glowing feedback from numerous DJs like Thomas Schumacher, Audiofly and Pig & Dan. Meanwhile, 000 a.k.a. Enrico Sedda kept busy by teaming up with AMAM founder Alessio Mereu on two remixes (for and Iori Wakasa and Mr. Leman) and contributing to the label’s Hand Out compilation (amamextra022) in December.

The EP is set for release on February 17th and is a great tech house EP. Here are streaming preview clips of all the songs on the release:

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New House EP from Leftwing & Kody

Leftwing & Kody are a production duo from Britain. Their first release was in 2012 on ALiVE Recordings. They have since been climbing the ranks in the house realm, with support from artists such as Shadow Child, Dusky and Bicep. Set to be released this year are remixes they have done for Todd Terry and Romanthony.

This EP which was just released in January by Off Recordings, is a two track EP with the songs "I Know" and "It Was Our". "I Know" is a great vocal house track in the style that I love playing out now. It has a heavier bassline and a touch of a garage influence. "I Know" is a bit of a deeper affair. The widget below has streaming preview samples of both songs:

Click Here to purchase the release on Beatport

Click Here to purchase the release on vinyl - which has two other tracks on it.

Off Recordings official site

Off Recordings Soundcloud page

Leftwing & Kody facebook page

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New DJ Mix from DJ Tronic for Dancefloor Mayhem

DJ Tronic in the mix - 2.5 hours going from deep ‪house to ‪‎techno


Davidson Ospina and David Walker - MIG (Oscar P Bionic Soul remix)
Echo Deep, Phalafala and Matthew Kay - That Night Moves On
Dario D-Attis - The Good Old Days
Jaymo & Andy George - Henrys Treat
Jovonn - Let It Ride
Moosefly - Right On James
Russoul - Get Down
Symbols - Public Enemy
Lauhaus & Rik Woldring - Context
Luke Larrell - HIYA
Natasha Kmeto - Pleasure Delay (Jason Burns remix)
Clientele - She Knows
Deadly Vanity - World Stop Turning feat. Mercy (Jamie Kidd remix)
DEVolution - If You Believe
MANTU - Artbridge (Philip Bader remix)
Tiger Stripes - Sisters
Dee Dave - Let's Ride
DJ Monique - Unforgiven (Nicola Romeo remix)
Leav - World
Moston & Malente - I Go Round (Mom & Dad remix / Malente re-dub)
youngTEE - The Stalker (The Joy Boys Mix)
seaclash - Get On
Ben Mono - Ripple
Duss - Few Tips About (Jim Star's Automatic remix)
Hunter Game - This Moment
Lo - Under Rated
Shin Nishimura - Mash Bass (Toru Ikemoto remix)

DJ Tronic facebook page

Dancefloor Mayhem facebook page

77 DJ mixes so far on our Mixcloud page

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Free House EP from Bobby Love

Bobby Love is a producer from Toronto. He has just released the 'Degenerate EP' containing two original songs, "Degenerate" and "All Night Long". Stream and download the tracks:

Bobby Love Soundcloud page

Bobby Love facebook page

New techno track from DaveMetzo

DaveMetzo is a techno / house producer from Dublin. This track is going to be the first release from Electrocity Limited. The single is slated for a February 24th release.

Here is a streaming preview clip of the track, "DaveMetzo - Circus":

DaveMetzo facebook page

Electrocity Limited Soundcloud page

Electrocity Limited facebook page

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New deep house EP from Frantzvaag

Frantzvaag is a deep house producer from Oslo. He has just released the 'Asphalt EP' on Sound Division. It's a 4-track EP with three original songs and an instrumental version of the title track. Below are full-length streaming previews of two of the songs from the EP.

Frantzvaag - What You Need:

Frantzvaag - Ain't No Loving:

Click Here to buy the EP from Beatport

Frantzvaag Soundcloud page

Frantzvaag facebook page