Sunday, February 16, 2014

First vinyl release from Vancouver techno label Subspec out now

Subspec is a Techno label based in Vancouver, BC. Subspec’s initial releases came out in April 2012 and they have been going strong ever since. This vinyl release features production and remix work from Hardfloor, Jay Zoney, Sympix and Countered. The release has been supported by such DJs as Laurent Garnier, John Tejada, Drumcell, Audio Injection, Fabrice Lig, Claude Young, Alexi Delano, Bryan Zentz and more!

Click Here for streaming previews of the songs on the release and for more info about it.

Click here to buy the vinyl only release from Juno

In addition to being a successful techno label, Subspec also does event promotion and have brought a number of great artists to Vancouver including Slam, Woody McBride, John Massey and Gary Beck.

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