Friday, February 21, 2014

Palette Recordings to Release the Bolivia EP By Daniel Troberg

The Bolivia EP from Daniel Troberg is coming out this coming Tuesday, February 25th, as a digital only release on Palette Recordings.

from the press release:

Daniel Troberg was born on the Aaland Islands in Finland in 1977, and started dabbling in computers 30 years ago and was automatically pulled into the electronic music culture that was happening in Europe around the end of the '80s and beginning of the '90s. Growing up on equal doses of Chicago house, German prototype techno, Finnish minimalism, and an upbringing on desolate islands that fueled his creative drive and mindset a bit off the beaten path. DJ, producer, radio show host, promoter and technically savvy, Daniel's vision has today manifested in a leading role at Elektron Music Machines, creators of fine electronic musical instruments.

The title track "Bolivia" was conceived after traveling around in the marvelous country and taking in its extremes, something that reflects in the boldness and longevity of the music and sounds. It has been floating around within the innards of the internet, surfacing only briefly up until now, as it's getting a proper release on Palette.

"m3ltfac3" was made one gloomy Scandinavian winter as an experiment to get the Elektron Monomachine synthesizer to talk in a more human way than ever before. Although the lyrics are buried deep in the track, it warns of machines influencing the daily life of humans. A known theme by now, but nonetheless, always in question.

"The biggest thing I have ever seen" was originally formed for a short film by Swedish video maker Sarah Schmidt in 2008, but has now taken a form of its own, creating a visual representation of itself in the rhythms, textures and sounds of the music. The title of the track really says it all.

Rounding out the EP, is a special John Tejada remix of the title track.

Below are preview clips of each of the four songs on the EP. Bolivia and the John Tejada remix are both great techno tracks. The other two songs are as described above, and definitely in the realm of idm:

Don't forget! The EP is being released this Tuesday, February 25th!

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