Sunday, February 21, 2016

Intrtoducing four three six

from the press release::

One of the great losses in our modern download era has to be the erosion of the link between music and physical art. In the days of vinyl records the artwork, the best of which was often on large gatefold sleeves, would be taken home and pored over by the music buyer. This made it a massive part of the experience, with artists being specifically chosen to create work to compliment what you were hearing. This relationship was certainly damaged by the shift towards CDs as the importance placed on the visual element was reflected by the physical reduction in size of the images. As we moved more towards transferring our music to digital forms, the CDs would often be left on the shelf, never to be picked up again, the booklets often never having a page turned. With many of us purchasing music outside of any physical format altogether, the once all important cover art has been reduced to a digital thumbnail that hardly warrants attention.

Four Three Six are seeking to replenish the links between audio and visual artforms in a highly original way. Rather than creating release artwork to be be put on a shelf, or even on a wall, their concept is to create 'wearable releases' by first passing the music to a physical artist and asking them to use it as inspiration for a piece of design. This in then screen-printed onto high quality T-shirts along with the tracklisting for the release inside the shirt. A tag on the shirt carries a unique code to download the music itself. Rather than taking the artwork home, you get to take it out with you.

For it’s fourth release four three six asked internationally renowned Scottish techno producer Hostage to make a four track EP. The resulting work was the Fluxx EP, four tracks firmly inspired by 1990s rave culture and hardcore techno. From the peak time twisted piano riffs of ‘Fluxx’ through to the head down techno stomp of ‘Kilt’, the EP delivers on all angles.

The T-Shirt design comes courtesy of Bristol graffiti artist SPZero76. Part of a the Lost Souls street art collective and serial painter of walls, his portfolio includes magazine art, album covers, flyers and computer game art. He took the concept of the Fluxx EP and produced a fitting piece, making an illustrated montage of all the characters you may have found at such a rave.

Four Three Six will look to offer something new in this more disposable era, with both fresh new talent and established names on board. This release is the latest of just seven planned for this year, the focus being on quality rather than quantity. With the music being mastered on analogue equipment to give extra warmth and events featuring DJs and live musicians combined with wall projections and live painting, the world of Four Three Six promises to be a totally immersive one too.

'I Would Be' is my favorite out of the four on the EP. Check it out:

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