Sunday, March 13, 2016

New LP coming from Wareika

March 18th will see Wareika release ‘The Magic Number’ LP via Visionquest, comprising nine original compositions from the trio. Wareika is the collective guise of Florian Schirmacher, Henrik Raabe and Jakob Seidensticker.

The trio have prior releases on labels such as Perlon, Tartelet Records and of course Visionquest, where they return to for their third LP on the label following ‘Wternal’ in 2013.

The album showcases diverse production skills in a variety of electronic sounds and has something for everyone.


Wareika - The Magic Number (Part 1)
Wareika - Planet Of Jason
Wareika - Song Of Wareika
Wareika - Bolero
Wareika - My Guitar
Wareika & Miajica - Keen To Rebel
Wareika - Finding Essence
Wareika - Protect Me From What I Want
Wareika - The Magic Number (Part 2)

Here is the music video for "Planet Of Jason":

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