Monday, March 14, 2016

New video from Hunter/Game and new LP out now

Hunter/Game is a production duo from Italy who released a new LP last month on Kompakt Records called 'Adaptation'. The album is their first full-length release, following releases on Sasha's Last Night on Earth label, Global Underground, Rumors, Innervisions and others. The LP is full of really creative techno tracks.


A1. Intro (Walking Unobserved)
A2. Declino
A3. The Path
B1. Adaptation
B2. Hexagon
C1. Origins
C2. Radius
D1. Silver
D2. Ashes
D3. Hide

The music video is for the song "Silver". Hunter/Game talks about their inspiration for the song.

"Silver is inspired by Icelandic landscapes, as we made this track with Fanned Osk from the band Kúra. The lyrics and mood are about December trees that live alone in a kind of desolate heaven, a different world. In this rough and desolated world an imaginary silver fox is walking alone into the desert territory with no other place to go…"

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