Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Contemporary soul from newcomer Swt Valli Hi

Born Val Okolu in Los Angeles and raised between Southern California and Nigeria, Swt Valli Hi is a singer / songwriter / producer set to drop three EPs this year to introduce her music to the world. She prides herself on using a lot of live instrumentation in her songs.

Swt Valli Hi's music occupies a place where soul, r&b, pop, rock and electronic music combine. Her inspiration comes from a variety of performers including Marvin Gaye, Donna Summer, Sade, Portishead, Fela Kuti, Kendrick Lamar and Alabama Shakes.

"Red Hot" is her second single, which will be included on her debut EP - Act I. Full stream of "Red Hot" below:

Click to purchase "Red Hot" from iTunes

Swt Valli Hi Soundcloud page

Swt Valli Hi facebook page

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