Saturday, May 12, 2018

Danya Vodovoz album out now

Danya Vodovoz is a producer and sound engineer from Germany. He makes loop libraries and has composed music for advertising, television and video games. Under previous monikers, he had releases on labels including Peppermint Jam, Naive, Nightdrive Music and Traumschallplatten.

His new LP is called 'Motion Machine' and consists of nine songs. It's a great album - the music on the album falls in the realm of deep house / lo fi house and dub techno. Beautiful lush soundscapes sit behind tantalizing beats. It's a cohesive album concept, and can be enjoyed listening all the way through, or as individual songs.

Full stream of "Nautilus", one of the songs from the LP, below. A really nice deep lo fi house sound with subtle progression. The song feels like a soundtrack to a slow sunrise.

Click to purchase the album from Bandcamp

Danya Vodovoz Soundcloud page

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