Sunday, February 9, 2020

Introducing Juno Mamba

Juno Mamba is the moniker of Melbourne producer Vinci Andanar. He is getting ready to have his debut EP - Light Echoes, released in March on Soothsayer Records. Below is a great video for the song "Blossom" that was made by his friend Sanjay De Silva. Here is what Juno says about the video - “This video is incredibly special to me on many levels. I first met Sanjay when we were 13 years old in high school and now 14 years on, we’ve managed to work together on my first video clip. Sanjay has taken my story and reimagined it into something other worldly; and more importantly convinced my mum to be a part of it. This video represents a big part of who I am and I hope others can find meaning in it too”

Light Echoes EP tracklisting:

Bright Noise
Slow Light
Flicker (Nathan Micay Remix)
Blossom (TSHA Remix)

Below is a full streaming preview of the Nathan Micay remix of Flicker. A really fun quirky breakbeat acid sound.

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